Espresso Blend

Acid: medium-high
Body: full
Texture: champagne mousse
Flavor Profile: A complex and layered blend of coffees ideal for drinking straight or pairing with milk. Black cherry, meyer lemon, and strawberry are supported by sweet graham cracker and tamarind. The finish features hints of cocoa nib, tobacco, and baking spice. Sourced from direct relationship farms in Central America, South America, and Africa. This balanced and complete coffee is blended with respect to the history and tradition of old world espresso while embracing modern practices of ethical, transparent, and relationship focused sourcing.

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Drip Blend

Acid: medium-low
Body: full
Texture: maple syrup
Flavor Profile: A clean and well rounded coffee intended as an easy daily drinker. The slightly darker roast profile allows this coffee to pair exceptionally well with cream and sugar. Flavors of orange and dried cherry are supported by layers of dark brown sugar, dried fig, and milk chocolate. Hints of tobacco, oak, and white pepper appear in the finish. Sourced from direct relationship farms in Central and South America

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Decaf Blend

Acid: low
Body: medium-full
Texture: grape juice
Flavor Profile: Clean and straightforward multipurpose decaffeinated coffee.  Excellent for drip, pour-over, or as espresso.  Orange, lemon zest, and raspberry are supported by bittersweet chocolate and hazelnut with hints of smoke appearing in the finish. 100% Swiss Water Process.

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Brazil Condado

Carmo de Minas, Mantiqueira de Minas

Acid: medium high
Body: medium
Texture: tea with honey
Flavor Profile: Flavor Profile: A complex and easy drinking coffee from our primary relationship partner in Brazil. Dried Mango and apricot are supported by hazelnut and milk chocolate with a hint of strawberry, vanilla, and honey on the finish. Ibrahim Chaib de Sousa and his son Pedro are the 5th and 6th generation growers of Fazenda do Condado. Condado lies in the heart of the geographically protected coffee growing region of Mantiqueira de Minas and houses 18 employees and their families year round. Pulped natural processed yellow catuai cultivar. 1200 masl

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Colombia Rose Bourbon

San Adolfo, Huila

Acid: medium-plus
Body: medium
Texture: lemonade
Flavor Profile: A vibrant and complex coffee. Pink lemonade and fresh grapefruit are supported by elderflower, lime zest, and a subtle hint of pine. The finish is long, clean, and juicy. This unique lot of coffee is grown by farmer Segundo Delfin Lasso at finca El Diviso in the small town of San Adolfo. Washed and sun dried bourbon cultivar. 1520 masl.

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El Salvador el Manzano

Santa Ana

Acid: medium plus
Body: medium plus
Texture: orange juice
Flavor Profile: Complex and easy drinking. Lime zest, orange, and plum are supported by layers of caramel, milk chocolate, and roasted peanut. Situated on the northern slope of the Santa Ana volcano, Finca El Manzano is part of Cuatro M Cafes, a family owned coffee producer operated by Emilio Lopez Diaz. Cuatro M has been our direct relationship partner since 2008. Washed pacamara and bourbon cultivars. 1300-1550 masl

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Kochere Grade 1

Acid: medium plus
Body: low
Texture: green tea
Flavor Profile: A soft and floral coffee from Yirgacheffe. Sweet peach, lemon zest, and jasmine tea are supported by subtle flavors of caramel and green apple with a hint of tea leaf tannin. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, with cultivation beginning in the 9th century. This offering is a prime example of one of the most classic coffees in the world. Sourced from smallholder farms around the town of Kochere and hand sorted for quality. Washed and sun dried heirloom varietal. 1800-2000 masl

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Kenya Othaya Rukira

Nyeri County

Acid: high
Body: medium
Texture: heavy cream
Flavor Profile: Bright, complex, and full bodied. Raspberry, mandarin orange, and sweet cream are supported by dark chocolate and strawberry with a hint of fresh ripe tomato. Part of the Othaya farmer Co-op, Rukira factory lies at the base of Mt. Kenya. Rukira has 800 members who all actively vote on representation, marketing and milling contracts, and profit allocation. Each farmer only harvests roughly enough coffee cherry to produce 30kg of exportable green coffee. The Co-op allows farmers to band together in order to protect themselves from the difficulties of smallholder coffee production. Washed and sun dried Sl28, Sl34, Ruiru 11, and Batian cultivars. 1700-1800 masl.

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