Guatemala Pixquin

We’re really excited about our latest single origin offering, which comes from Finca El Platanillo, the same farm that produced our Gesha micro-lot, El Estadio.

El Platanillo is nestled in the steep, jungle covered mountains overlooking the picturesque town of Rafael Pie de la Cuesta in the San Marcos region of Guatemala. The farm has been in the Coto family since 1977 and is now run by Stuardo who took over from his father, Samuel in 1985. Since then, Stuardo has focused not only on quality and productivity, but also on promoting environmental and social responsibility. Around ten percent of the farm has been set aside as a natural reserve and, over time, the people living and working on the farm have been encouraged to develop what Stuardo refers to as ‘a consciousness of sustainability’. This extends to rules having been put in place which prohibit hunting and the cutting down of trees. The farm’s water supply comes from natural springs which are protected from human contamination by allowing the surrounding jungle to remain. All these improvements have led to Rain Forest Alliance and Climate Friendly certifications.

In recent years, the farm has donated land and resources to help found the Nuevo Platanillo school, which has been upgraded several times. Most recently, a computer lab with internet access has been added, allowing the local children to become computer literate from an early age. Local teens can participate in a coffee degree program; learning about coffee production, improvement and sustainability.

The Pixquin lot is a natural process Pacamara varietal and is cultivated at elevations ranging from 1000 to 1400 meters above sea level. The coffee is dried on raised beds after harvesting. Pixquin is a bright, juicy coffee with a medium body and coconut water texture. Expect flavors of fresh honey dew and cantaloupe, supported by sweet dried fruits.

Check out this wonderful video to learn more about Finca El Platanillo.