Kenya Kambiri

Our newest single origin offering is a beautiful coffee from the Nandi Hills region of Western Kenya. We’re sure you’re going to love this bright, clean and aromatic coffee as much as we do! Kenya Kambiri is now available for purchase from all three of our retail cafes as well as from our website.

Traditionally, it has been almost impossible to maintain traceability of Kenyan coffees. Due to the hierarchical structure of the coffee industry in Kenya, the most a buyer can often hope for is the name of a cooperative society’s wet mill, where perhaps thousands of small-scale farmers brought their crop for processing. More recently, thanks to the efforts of organizations such as Sucafina, producers of high-quality coffee are able to keep their lots separate, in order to maintain quality and traceability.

Our Kambiri lot was produced by Decimah Mwayi on her farm, Kambiri Estate. Decimah was born and raised in Kambiri village, before moving to Nairobi to attend university. In 2005 she returned to the area and bought five acres to farm. Decimah’s parents had been coffee farmers since the early 1960’s, and her late father planted 5,000 seedlings as a gift, to see if she would enjoy coffee farming. He made her promise not to uproot these plants until after he died, but he needn’t have worried. Decimah fell in love with coffee after the first flowering and has since expanded her farm to seven acres. Decimah has help on Kambiri Estate from a husband and wife team. Fred, the farm manager, is responsible for pruning and weed control, while Doris is the factory manager, overseeing the picking, washing and drying of all the coffee.

This fully washed Kenya Kambiri is composed of SL28 and Ruiri 11 cultivars, and was grown at 1700 meters above sea level. in the cup, tart red apple acidity is supported by dried cherry, plum, and a complex herbal character. The finish is long, with notes of sweet cream and cinnamon candy.