New Art in the Cafes

It’s time for new art in all three of our cafes. Read more below about the fabulous local artists that are showing in July and August.


Paintings by Evan E. Hilsenberg-Riley

“Evan is a Pacific Northwest native, who grew up in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. She cultivated a love for impressionism and color therapy while pursuing fine art courses at Washington State University (in glorious Pullman, Washington). ‘I have long been mesmerized and inspired by the variance off light, color, patterns and texture found in nature. I incorporate elements of that fascination into my pieces through application techniques and color selection. It is my hope that these pieces invoke a sense of serenity.'”


Paintings by Jake Breish

“Jake Breish is a Southern California native with a bad doodling habit. He tells stories through his illustrations and art, and has used that ability to provide thoughtful, artistic designs in his work as a graphic designer. Jake graduated fro the graphic design program at Seattle Central Creative Academy and has recently launched an apparel line and lifestyle brand, No Luck Club. In this series, ‘Creatures of Habit’, he uses animals to depict the monotony of everyday life. This motif is reinforced by the characters’ mundane expressions contrasted by the vibrant and surreal surroundings.”


Paintings by Urania Perez

“Urania was born in Venezuela and has lived in the US for the last 30 years. Since childhood she has enjoyed drawing. In 2010 she started to take painting classes. She has studied at several local art studios and the Gorge Academy. She has participated in several Greenwood Art Walk exhibits and solo exhibits in coffee places in Seattle. Acrylic is her preferred medium, but she also paints in watercolors and pastel. Urania’s inspiration is nature: birds, plants, trees, cityscapes and more recently, figures. What inspires her most are colors, their intensity and variety in values. She enjoys using bright, bold colors inspired from her native Venezuela. She finds inspiration while cycling or walking around the city, and attempts to capture those beautiful “little moments” of life that make us more human, alive, relaxed and present in the moment. She aims to express those little moments on the canvas. Recently she started her figure series to honor inspirational famous women.”