New Art in the Cafes

It’s that time again! Read more below to find out about the fantastic local art that’s on the cafe walls in September and October.


Creative Works by AJ Power

“For the most part, I work with animal imagery. The study of animals is a way of studying our own behavior. I worked as a scientific illustrator during college and later as a magazine illustrator. After that, I took jobs that allowed me to observe in different worlds: Sonoran Desert, Bering Sea, West Africa, the Amazon. These places continue to resonate into my work. These days, I have been painting and doing some designs for print media. I teach a few Art & Design courses at the Seattle Artists League and host casual painting sessions out of Building C in Ballard. A mural of my work is located outside Atlas Coffee importers near 85th and Greenwood Avenue.”


Paintings by Stephanie Scott

“This collection is an ongoing experiment to break down a particular feeling and translate it into gradient color and shape. Though these paintings I have learned how color can manipulate emotions: that when I start with an intention for one feeling, it may organically transform into something different. The title of each painting will tell you a little about the emotional subject, while the design might cause it to happen. Enjoy!”


Drawings and Photographs by Karin Evensta

“All my life I’ve viewed the world through the lens of color, shape and line, but especially color. My art reflects that. These drawings reflect emotions and prayers and light. The goal is to create a beautiful drawing whose emotional or spiritual content is not immediately visible but suggests one way to consider it. Photography is a newer passion, where again, the excitement is exploring…color, shape and line. My photographs endeavor to capture the essence of what I’m viewing with expressions of texture, intricate details, or shading of a hue – broken lines, the roughness of tree bark, or the well-worn equipment at the gym. Art is a way to interpret the world, and a way to express things that defy words. It can be challenging, or uplifting, or exuberant. through art, we see our world differently. Beauty can counteract the difficulties we face, and the expressiveness of color can be a balm.”