New Art in the Cafes

November is upon us and that means we have a new selection of awesome local art on the cafe walls!


Photographs by Gavin Brink

“Gavin Brink is a South African-Australian-American. He was born in South Africa and lived there until he was 14, when he immigrated with his family to Melbourne, Australia. While in Australia, he met his now wife, while studying for a PhD. Upon completion of his PhD, his wife convinced him to move to Seattle. Gavin now lives locally with his wife, daughter and dog in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. Although Gavin may be conflicted about his nationality, he is not about his love and passion for the outdoors. Since moving to Seattle he has fallen completely in love with the mountains in the PNW and spends every spare moment exploring them. Most of his photographic pursuits involve long hikes on multi-day backpacking trips with a heavy pack, lack of sleep or just bad sleep, and sometimes glacier travel to reach beautiful mountain vistas. It is during these longer, and usually more strenuous trips, that he best assimilates with the surrounding environment, specifically the interaction between light and topography. Not all of the images Gavin is displaying are mountain vistas because he is also drawn to the excitement and allure of exploring the city late at night or early in the morning. It is during these times that he finds the beauty of the city to be revealed by the strong interplay of light and shadow with water and architecture.”


Block Prints and Etchings by Liz Neuman

“These watercolor block prints feature birds seen in the Pacific Northwest, either resident or passing through during migration. Often carving my blocks one site, I complete the process in my home studio working from sketches and photos. I handprint each original on Rives BFK paper using black ink, pulling prints as needed. When the ink has dried I apply layers of transparent watercolor wash to the areas of white, varying background color but staying true to the color of the bird. All of my prints are originals and are available framed or unframed. More of my collection is on my website. Wonder was sparked in childhood and still drives my curiosity and joy in nature!”


Paintings by Livia Cicchillo

“Art is my glorious obsession. I have worked in watercolor, charcoal and graphite, but it is oil that has cast a spell. Most of my training is from the gifted art instructors at the North Seattle College art department where I jumped right into the art program upon retiring from French interpreting and teaching French along with English as a second language. When I lived in France and vacationed in Italy in my 20’s and more recently, I had the opportunity to visit museums full of paintings by the great masters of art and sculpture. Those delicious moments planted the seed of my current love of making art. Walk with me through the beauty of nature viewed from far and near. See also the colorful, abstract and fanciful pieces which invite you to give a meaning that resonates with your own creative soul.”