New Art in the Cafes

We’re proud to feature work by local artists in all three of our retail cafes. Read more below to find out what’s showing in March and April.


Paintings by Marcy Litle

“I like to work in series, to create a set of related pieces that allow for exploration within a contained space. Ode to Andrea Bocelli and Serendip were created during a residency at Centrum at Fort Worden last September. The others are untitled older works. My paintings reflect my interaction with the world at any given moment. I often start with the question “I wonder what happens if I do this?” Or I start with random experimentation, and then something catches my attention and starts to guide the process, but still without a lot of what I learned to call ‘thinking’ and mostly without words. When I’m lucky the paintings tell me what they need. My paintings give visual representation to the way the world works on me. The way it flows through me, using the channels of my senses, goes deep, and reemerges through color and motion. In particular I am interested in juxtaposition, mystery, paradox, that which cannot be fully explained. I do not know what the images say to others, or for the most part to myself. At least, I cannot usually tell any of us with words.”


Paintings by Dimitriy Gritzenco

“Dimitriy was trained in the classical style of oil on canvas, and although still young in his career, it is clear that he has mastered the technique and added elements of his creative imagination. He works in a variety of genres from portrait to still life to landscape. He prefers to let his art speak for itself. He lives and works in Everett, WA.”


Paintings by Jake Breish

“Jake Breish is a Southern California native with a bad doodling habit. He tells stories through his illustrations and art, and has used that ability to provide thoughtful, artistic designs in his work as a graphic designer. Jake graduated fro the graphic design program at Seattle Central Creative Academy and has recently launched an apparel line and lifestyle brand, No Luck Club. In this series, ‘Creatures of Habit’, he uses animals to depict the monotony of everyday life. This motif is reinforced by the characters’ mundane expressions contrasted by the vibrant and surreal surroundings.”