New Single Origin Offerings

We’re excited to roll out two new single origin offerings this week. Both the Guatemala Twi’ Ha and the Colombia Rose Bourbon are now available for purchase from all three of our retail cafes as well as from our website. Continue reading below to find out more about these wonderful coffees.

Colombia Rose Bourbon

This beautiful coffee is already a big hit with our baristas. It was produced by Segundo Delfin Lasso on his farm El Diviso, located near the small town of San Adolfo in the Huila region of Southern Colombia. The name of this varietal, a hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon, comes from a recessive gene that causes the coffee cherries to be pink when ripe. Coffee farmers in the area had noticed a few Pink Bourbon trees for some time, but have only recently begun to process them separately; with spectacular results in cup quality. The Pink Bourbon varietal is very rare and difficult to produce, as it is extremely susceptible to cross pollination with other Bourbon varietals, but when successfully isolated, it proves to be more disease resistant and higher yielding.

Our Rose Bourbon is a medium-bodied, vibrant and complex coffee. Cultivated at 1520 meters above sea level, it is fully washed, then sun dried. Expect pink lemonade and fresh grapefruit, supported by elderflower, lime zest and a subtle hint of pine.

Guatemala Twi’ Ha

Finca Twi’ Ha is owned and operated by Armando Gomez and his oldest son, Mauricio. The farm is located high in the mountains above the town of Todos Santos, in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. This rugged area of the country is very isolated and Spanish is the second language. Residents speak the Mayan language of Mam and many people still wear traditional costumes. Twi’ Ha translates to ‘the place where the water comes from’, referencing the natural spring used in the coffee washing process. Finca Twi’ Ha is a small farm, comprising around 5 acres, and has been owned and operated by the Gomez family for three generations. Today, Armando, along with his wife and children are involved in all aspects of production, from planting through to processing. Recent improvements include a new drying patio as well a few raised beds for further improved drying.

Our Twi’ Ha lot is comprised of Pache verde, Caturra and Bourbon cultivars, grown at 1550-1900 meters above sea level. This is a bright, clean and easy drinking coffee with a sweetened iced tea texture. In the cup, you’ll encounter flavors of sweet and juicy tangerine, supported by toffee and buttery caramel, with bittersweet baker’s chocolate on the finish.