Kochere Grade 1

Acid: medium plus
Body: low – medium
Texture: herbal tea, rose water
Flavor Profile: prototypical Yirgacheffe coffee again!  Very floral spring Lilac and Daphne aromas, Jasmine and Lemongrass juicy sweet acid flavors.  This season’s offering shows a different sweetness with caramel apple and cinnamon as well.  More developed sugars combine with the juicy acidity to leave a cleaner length to the finish with just a hint of tea leaf tannin.  Kochere district lies in the Borena zone, 25 miles southwest of Yirgacheffe town, between northern Amaro Gayo and Fisahagentet.  Heirloom varietals, elevation of 1800 to 2000 meters, fully washed and dried on raised solar beds.  Additional hand sorting leave this coffee impeccably free of defects.  Second year relationship coffee.