Drip Blend




Acid: Medium-low
Body: full
Texture: orange juice, velvet
Flavor Profile: Soft, light acidity but refreshing acidity; just enough to be present and provide for a clean finish.  Hint of cherry flavor with lots of deeply caramelized sugar and chocolate.  Slightly darker roast profile than our S.O. coffees to give a velvet mouth feel and weight without drying or going smoky.  Intended as a well rounded everyday coffee.  Directly sourced blend from 5 producers in El Cedral and El Cielito districts.  Elevation range from 900 to 1200 meters.  Bourbon, Pacas, and Lempira cultivars.  Depulped, washed and sun-dried on raised beds and patios at the farms, parchment removal and sorting done at Beneficio.