Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where do you ship to?

    We ship to anywhere in the United States and any Overseas Military Mail destination (AA, AE, AP).

  • How often do you ship?

    We ship all orders within 1 business day of when they are placed (i.e. Monday - Friday, excluding federal holidays).

  • When will my coffee arrive?

    Typical delivery time is within 1-4 days.

  • What are your shipping charges?

    We charge a flat $6.95 for shipping and processing. Shipping is free for gift card and sample orders. Orders over $75 qualify for free shipping (gift cards purchased as part of the order will not count toward this threshold). We ship using UPS and USPS, depending on which can deliver fastest to your location.

  • Is your coffee whole bean?

    All our coffee ships whole bean unless otherwise specified. We strongly recommend that you buy whole bean coffee and grind it yourself no more than 5 minutes before you brew it. This will greatly improve your coffee experience.

  • What are your roast profiles?

    While each of our coffee offerings have individualized profiles intended to bring out the best they can offer, our roast profiles fall into two general categories. Our Blends are roasted on the lighter side of medium, and our Single Origins are light roasted. In both cases, the intent is to balance the sugar and acid extraction for the given water contact time.

    Our Espresso Blend is intended to be brewed as espresso, while our Drip Blend and Single Origins are roasted with the expectation that they will be brewed using a method that has a longer water contact time.

    In the case of the Espresso Blend this is about 30 seconds and in the case of the Drip Blend and Single Origins usually 2-4 minutes. The medium profile on the Drip Blend means more sugar and less acid at the expense of some bitterness and makes it a good everyday coffee, especially for those coffee drinkers who prefer a darker cup of drip. The lighter profile on the Single Origins serves to better feature the interesting floral, spice, fruity, & nutty flavors that are the reason we select them. Our Single Origins can be brewed as espresso, but the lighter profile will result in a higher acid and lower sugar extraction and may taste too bright.

  • Do you offer custom blends or roasts?

    We do not.

  • Do you sell green coffee?

    We do not. Sweet Maria's is a good option for this sort of thing.

  • Is your coffee certified Fair Trade and/or Organic?

    We purchase coffee on a relationship driven model known now as Direct Trade.

    Our green buyer frequently visits our producers, mills, beneficios and logistics partners to ensure quality and equity on all levels. The prices we pay for all our coffees are well above those set by various Fair Trade certification organizations. Being on the ground with our trade partners allows us total certainty of the methods used from seed to cup. Often, these farms are small and have limited production capability and their coffees are contracted for purchase well in advance of harvest. In some cases Organic certification simply isn’t an option because of local ecology. In all cases the coffees we buy are high altitude, well above typical predation lines.

    Because of the transparency of our relationships, adding a Certification or having a third party evaluation to determine ethical quality is unnecessary and often expensive to a small volume producer, so we simply don’t place the final value of a coffee on a certificate.

    This does not mean that all our coffees are uncertified, however. Some of our producers still carry certifications like UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, Cafe Practices, etc. Many also support causes on a local level. Some of our producers have had certifications and allowed them to lapse due to cost or lack of demand. Basically, we buy Direct to be involved in the quality and equitable future of sustainable farms.

    We choose not mention the certifications because, certified or not, we go to great lengths to ensure all our offerings are equally good for those who produce them and those who enjoy them.


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